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Legal Post-editing and the Evolution of Translators

Machine translation (MT) is becoming an increasingly integral part of modern translation programs. The rapidly advancing development of machine translation technology—and the amount companies are investing—support this. Also, MT quality is getting better and better: the results have become increasingly fluent and accurate. An important milestone[…]


What You Need to Know About Security in the Legal Field

Maintaining security is extremely important for legal translations. Translators often have access to sensitive, personal and confidential information over the course of a legal translation project and it’s critical to protect this information. In some instances, there might even be laws surrounding the protection of this information. Here are some[…]


Understanding the Best Supply Chain Models for Scale

Having access to the right number of legal translators is key to timely document translations that don’t hold up your business’s operations. During months when you have hundreds or thousands of pages to translate, using a single legal translator means that you’ll have to wait long periods of time to get finished versions back. However, when you[…]


Top Five Considerations for Becoming a Legal Translator

Translation can be an exciting career that allows you to translate a wide range of content on a variety of topics. Legal translation specializes in the translation of legal documents, such as depositions, contracts and patent applications, from one language to another. But unlike general translation, there are unique concerns that can impact[…]


Using Termbases in Legal Translation

As you work with legal translators, you will learn more about the processes and tools available to ensure that every legal document translated over the course of your working relationship uses your company’s terminology and preferences correctly and consistently. Using a termbase can help you to ensure that all translators and staff members have[…]


Riding the Legal Translation Teeter Totter

If you’ve ever been on a teeter-totter, you know it takes two to make it work—and that’s certainly true when talking about legal translation. Speed is on one end, quality on the other, and when you get the balance right, the result is a successful translation. The fulcrum, or point of balance, encompasses a number of best practices, all of which[…]


Translations in International Arbitration – Finding Clarity in Complexity

The linguistic challenges in international arbitration can be both numerous and significant, with the potential to not only increase the cost and time spent on proceedings, but actually impact the entire outcome of the case.


Global Investor Relations is Booming. Are you Ready?

Over the last five years, the function of investor relations (IR) has grown significantly in strategic importance for global organizations. Not only has this resulted in increasing engagement with investors, it’s also engendered more sophisticated and strategic targeting. These changes are being driven by a number of intersecting factors,[…]


Multi-Cultural Legalese: A Translations Company Specialty

In this global era, you have a greater need for professional legal translation services than ever before. Alpha Translations knows and understands that legal translation is about much more than simply finding the “most appropriate words.” Translated text must be constructed with precision, clarity, and elegance. Translators possess the specialized[…]


Translation specialists—and why you can rely on them

Legal translators spend years honing their skills. At Alpha Translations, we take pride in the fact that these dedicated professionals are the very people who are working on your translations.

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