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We use a combination of innovative tools and technology to give you the most effective results for your legal translations needs.


Real-time, secure translation management software

Our secure end-to-end translation management platform allows our globally distributed team members to closely collaborate in real time, both with each other and your personnel, allowing high-volume projects to be handled efficiently.

Secure client portal

RWS Alpha offers a secure and user-friendly portal that allows clients to transmit large amounts of data quickly and securely. Our clients can use this tool to submit files for everything from a quote to a rush order. With this technology linked to our project management system, we can get started on your work promptly to help you meet the tightest of deadlines.

Machine translation

Machine translation (MT) software can accelerate turnaround times while boosting cost-effectiveness and ensuring data security. In all stages of the legal process, MT can help give clients a basic understanding of the information at hand.


We offer:

  • Strategy and selection: RWS Alpha supports clients in identifying an MT solution for their multilingual needs. We also advise on the key areas or types of documents for which MT would be most effective.
  • Testing and deployment: We support you in deploying the chosen MT solution, ensuring it works optimally to produce significant cost and time savings.
  • Post-editing: Our professional post-editors with legal expertise can review and improve MT output. We offer full post-editing (for human-level quality) and light post-editing (for gisting). We can also develop a quality level in-between as required.

Tap into the latest technology to help your organization expand.

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