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RWS Alpha provides a client-facing portal to facilitate efficiency and consistency, and we also deploy machine translation where appropriate.

New tools and technologies are increasingly being deployed to support legal professionals in their case management work.

At RWS Alpha, we make use of the newest tools and technology to continuously improve quality, speed and scalability of the delivery of world-class language services to you and your clients.

For example, our secure, end-to-end production environment ensures that our globally distributed teams can work together in real time to meet your deadlines.

Tools such as translation memories, glossaries and quality assurance checks—using your firm’s existing assets—are also available for our teams to access at any time, in real time. This enhances team members’ capacity to communicate and collaborate closely with your personnel and each other, so they can ensure consistency of terminology throughout your case and a higher-quality end product.

We enforce the appropriate use of terminology and style guides to monitor quality and to enable successful project planning. 



Machine Translation

Machine translation (MT) technology can serve as a flexible, fast and cost-effective solution when processing large volumes of documents. Whether during due diligence or discovery, machine translation can help identify relevant documents by providing you with a basic understanding of the files at hand. Where needed, key documents can then be translated by our expert professionals. RWS Alpha can help to identify and deploy the best MT solution.


Secure Client Portal

RWS Alpha offers a secure and user-friendly portal that allows clients to transmit large amounts of data more effectively and securely. Our clients can use this tool to submit files for everything from a quote to a rush order. With this technology linked to our project management system, we can get started on your work quickly, in turn helping you meet the tightest of deadlines. Users can also track the status of their jobs and get access to order history and invoices.

For more information about our technologies and solutions, please contact us via email at or by phone at +1 (780) 962-7821. You can also click ‘Contact Us’ below to connect with an expert.


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