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To thrive in your global legal practice, you must have a comprehensive solution for delivering translations.

A solution that entails expert resources, efficient processes, robust quality checks and the technology capable of streamlining it all for the fastest turnaround possible.

We’re the partner to provide it.

With over 60 years of experience, RWS Alpha is a global leader in handling the multilingual business needs of international law firms and corporate legal departments. Whatever the demands of your practice area, we provide legal translation solutions tailored to your firm’s specific requirements, with an unsurpassed level of personal service. It is the reason over half of the Global 100 trust us with their legal global content needs. 

We deliver: 

  • an unmatched commitment to quality and security
  • specialized and highly qualified legal translators, proofreaders, editors, desktop publishers and interpreters
  • scalable solutions through our trusted collaboration with a global network of resources
  • coverage in over 150 languages
  • fast turnaround times, including same-day, overnight and express service solutions 


With production teams located across the world’s time zones, we can ensure that our work happens around the clock.

We also use industry-leading workflow technology to make sure each project runs smoothly and to track every detail carefully. When partnering with us, you will receive the attention of a boutique firm, guaranteed high quality and the scalability needed to support true global reach.

If you need precise, fast and secure legal translations, we’ve got you covered.


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