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Translation specialists—and why you can rely on them

Legal translators spend years honing their skills. At Alpha Translations, we take pride in the fact that these dedicated professionals are the very people who are working on your translations.


But, what exactly makes a translator a specialist in the legal field?

1. A legal background and/or education and the qualifications/credentials to prove it are essential. This attests to an affinity and a passion for the law.

2. A portfolio of legal translation work is key. A translator who chooses to become a legal translation specialist often makes the decision to seek and accept only translation work related to law, to build his or her portfolio.

3. A commitment to professional development is paramount. For example, a translator who chooses to specialize in labour law will often take courses in HR management, network with HR directors and become versed in labour relations and codes.

These are the key qualities that characterize legal translators. You can put your legal documents in their hands knowing that you will receive the most accurate and professional translation services possible.