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We offer a range of language services to help you meet your needs:


Legal translation

Our expert linguist teams have extensive experience in professional legal translation services across various practice areas and industry sectors.

Certified legal translation

We offer professional, reliable certified translations of legal documents, ensuring they fulfill country-specific requirements.


Our on-demand interpreting services are available via telephone, video, face-to-face and sign language, meaning no matter where you are, we can support you through a secure platform.

Desktop publishing

Our team of desktop publishers ensures that the layout and formatting of translated text and graphic content achieve the desired impact. From content extraction to typesetting, the result will always be polished material that is tailored to your audience.


We are well-versed in legal terminology and have a reputation for producing high-quality, verbatim transcripts of court hearings, trials, depositions and meetings in customized formats.

Multilingual optical character recognition (OCR)

We are experienced in multilingual OCR, relieving you of the tedious task of digitizing your files and data, no matter the complexity.


The RWS Alpha difference


RWS Alpha is a boutique language services provider focused exclusively on servicing the legal sector. We have maintained the personal touch of a small business while rapidly scaling production to accommodate the largest agencies, all in a secure and highly confidential environment. In addition, we continuously refine our service delivery to keep up with your evolving needs to provide expert, agile responses.

The RWS Alpha difference is our deep understanding of and rapid professional response to your needs as a law firm and your requirements for legal translations. You will have a trusted network of industry specialists at your disposal, many of whom are lawyers themselves. What’s more, our in-house quality assurance team ensures our commitment to consistent and uncompromising quality at all times.

RWS Alpha provides:

  • Expert linguists
  • End-to-end linguistic support in over 250 languages
  • 24/7 support
  • The latest cutting-edge technology

Whatever the message, we will ensure that your global clients understand it precisely.

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