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RWS Alpha specializes in comprehensive language services for law firms and corporate legal departments.


We understand that the consequences of poor legal translation extend far beyond costs and time spent—it has the potential to also affect the final legal outcome. At RWS Alpha, we combine subject matter expertise, significant experience and robust processes to facilitate the successful and timely completion of legal translation projects.  


No matter what type of documents you need translated, RWS Alpha is on hand to deliver the best results. We translate:

  • annual reports
  • articles of association
  • business correspondence
  • contracts
  • expert reports
  • instant messages
  • judgements
  • laws
  • licensing agreements
  • pitches
  • prior art
  • prospectuses
  • take-over bids
  • terms and conditions
  • witness statements
  • writs

Expert linguist teams

We have over 60 years of experience providing professional legal language solutions to more than half of the Global 100 law firms and several other international corporations. We pride ourselves on delivering accurate and precise end-to-end linguistic support in 150+ languages.

RWS Alpha seeks out translation professionals through a rigorous vetting process, ensuring we work with only the most competent, reliable, trustworthy and verified experts. Our team is made up of 600 in-house subject-matter specialists and several thousand additional external partners, many of whom are professional lawyers themselves.

Rigorous quality assurance

We have our own fully integrated quality assurance system to ensure we deliver superior results every time. A dedicated project manager will always review the end product and ensure that translation teams implement and maintain client-specific requirements.

Data security and confidentiality

We recognize the sensitivity of the data we work with and the importance of safeguarding confidential information. It is an integral part of the work we do. At RWS Alpha, we follow the latest security best practices to ensure compliance with privacy protection legislation and protect your clients’ interests.

Translations available when and where you need them

Regular office hours do not exist in our world. Our legal translation partners are all over the globe, meaning we can offer you 24/7, uninterrupted production capabilities with fast turnarounds. We invest in the latest technology and best practices to improve efficiency, so you never have to worry about whether a translation deadline can be met.

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